The second Experimental Music album from Paul Statham is much more ambient in nature especially the Ephemeral tracks, whilst the track Chronology 1 uses muted breath's with low moog synthesiser and accompanied Luisa'Valentini's sculpture of the Burka exhibited at SILENZIO & BELLEZZA at Castello Falletti di Barolo Italy.  
The track 'Past' was originally 'C2" from the exhibition with Luisa but was re recorded 5 times and each time the recording used as an original sound bed where more random delays are 'imprinted' on the track before being layered over again. It is one of my favourite pieces.
The Ephemeral tracks were used to accompany painter Giuliana Fresco "Cielo Ocra Terra Blu"at the Palazzo Bricherasio Turin. Italy. 
Electric Piano notes were set to long delays creating colliding notes that fell in random clusters then recorded as a 'performance) with a back drop of muted synthesiser. 
The Chronology and Past tracks were used in an installation with sculptor Luisa Valentini for her major exhibition SILENZIO & BELLEZZA at Castello Falletti di Barolo Italy. 
This album is available as a free download from bandcamp.

It is reviewed in popular electronic music blog 'The Electricity Club' below.