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Genre Karaoke

  1. Katy Perry - Firework [Karaoke/Instrumental] - Karaoke Hitts
  2. When Will My Life Begin? (Instrumental) - Disney Princess Music Box Karaoke
  3. Way Maker (Instrumental) [Originally Performed by Sinach] - Kevin Durham
  4. Something New (Originally Performed by Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign) [Instrumental Version] - 3 Dope Brothas
  5. Pound Cake (In the Style of Drake feat. Jay Z) [Instrumental Karaoke Version] - Off the Record Instrumentals
  6. Eye of the Tiger (In the Style of Survivor) [Karaoke Instrumental Version] - Sing It Back
  7. Freeze Dance - Kiddie Palooza
  8. You Say (Originally Performed by Lauren Daigle) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  9. My Sharona (Originally Performed by Knack) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  10. When the Party's over (Originally Performed by Billie Eilish) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  11. Brady Bunch Theme Song (Karaoke Version) - DJ Singalong
  12. I'll Be There For You (Karaoke Instrumental Track) [In the Style of Rembrandts] - ProSound Karaoke Band
  13. Tequila Sunrise (Karaoke Version) - Starlite Karaoke
  14. We Didn't Start the Fire (Originally Performed by Billy Joel) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  15. Better (Originally Performed by Khalid) [Instrumental] - Vox Freaks
  16. Ships That Don't Come In (Karaoke Version Originally Performed by Joe Diffie) - MIDIFine Systems
  17. Call Me Maybe (In the Style of Carly Rae Jepsen) [Karaoke Version] - Karaoke Hit Machine
  18. Party In the U.S.A. (Karaoke Version) - Starlite Karaoke
  19. Oceans (In the Style of United Hillsong and Where Feet May Fail) [Instrumental Version] - The Karaoke Studio
  20. Can't Stop the Feeling! (Originally Performed by Justin Timberlake) [Instrumental Karaoke Version] - Karaoke Masterpieces
  21. Lay Me Down (Originally Performed by Sam Smith) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  22. Lean On Me (Karaoke) - The Karaoke Hit Band
  23. Viva la Vida (Instrumental Track) [Karaoke In the Style of Coldplay] - BP Studio Musicians
  24. The Prayer (Karaoke Instrumental Track) [In the Style of Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli] - ProSound Karaoke Band

In this Karaoke music genre, we summarize popular songs this year and music that is popular all the time, especially the Karaoke songs genre that is popular internationally.